Rubber vulcanization accelerator MBT (M)


Slightly odorous, bitter taste, non-toxic, specific gravity 1.42-1.52, initial melting point above 170℃, easily soluble in ethyl acetate In the dilute solution of ester, acetone, sodium hydroxide and sodium carbonate, it is soluble in ethanol, insoluble in benzene, insoluble in water and gasoline. Storage stable.

  • Chemical Name: 2-Mercaptobenzothiazole
  • Molecular Formula: C 7 H 5 NS 2
  • Molecular Weight: 167.23
  • CAS Number : 149-30-4
  • Molecular Structure: structure1

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Appearance Light yellow or off-white powder or granule
Initial Melting Point(℃≥) 170
Loss On Drying(≤) 0.30%
Ash(≤) 0.30%
Residues (150μm), (≤) 0.3%
Purity(≥) 97%


1. Mainly used for manufacturing tires, inner tubes, tape, rubber shoes, and other industrial rubber products.

2. This product is one of the effective corrosion inhibitors for copper or copper alloys. When copper equipment and raw water contain a certain amount of copper ions in the cooling system, this product can be added to prevent copper corrosion.

3. 2-Mercaptobenzothiazole is an intermediate of the herbicide benzothiazole, as well as a rubber promoter and intermediate.

4. widely used in various rubbers. It has a rapid promoting effect on natural rubber and synthetic rubber usually vulcanized with sulfur. It is often used in combination with other accelerator systems, such as dithiocarbamate and tellurium dithiocarbamate, as accelerators for butyl rubber; Used in combination with tribasic lead succinate, it can be used for light colored and water resistant chlorosulfonated polyethylene adhesive. This product is easily dispersed and non polluting in rubber. Promoter M is an intermediate of promoters MZ, DM, NS, DIBS, CA, DZ, NOBS, MDB, etc.

5. For water treatment, its sodium salt is generally used. It is easy to be oxidized in water, such as chlorine, chloramine and chromate. When chlorine is used as a bactericide, this product should be added first, and then the bactericide should be added to prevent it from being oxidized and losing its slow release effect. It can be made into an alkaline solution and used in conjunction with other water treatment agents. The mass concentration used is usually 1-10mg/L. When the pH value is below about 7, the minimum dose is 2mg/L.

6. Used as an additive for bright sulfate copper plating, it has good leveling effect and can also be used as a brightener for cyanide silver plating.


25kg plastic woven bag, paper-plastic composite bag, kraft paper bag or jumbo bag.

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Rubber vulcanization accelerator MBT(M) (5)
Rubber vulcanization accelerator MBT(M) (11)
Rubber vulcanization accelerator MBT(M) (1)


Keep container tightly closed in a cool, well-ventilated place. Recommended max. Under normal conditions, the storage period is 2 years.
Note: This product can be made into ultra-fine powder according to customer requirements.

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