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Qinyang Rodon Chemical Co., Ltd.

Covering an area of 85000 square meters, mainly engaged in the production and sales of rubber accelerators and cyclohexylamine.

Rodon has developed into a comprehensive enterprise with more than 30 years of experience in domestic trade and international trade on the sales of rubber accelerators and other chemical items.

We have conducted extensive market research and is practicing a "29000 tons/year series of rubber accelerators and 25000 tons of cyclohexylamine project" in Qinyang Industrial Zone.

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In order to meet the demand of downstream customers for cleaner production, we are building a new pre-dispersed master batch production line.

Besides, Rodon continues to pay attention to research and develop new chemical items based on the domestic and foreign market,  at the same time, we provide professional product formulation and technical guidance services to customers, and provide comprehensive solutions for auxiliary products.

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Rubber accelerator products are vulcanization accelerators used in the production of steel wire radial tires, with the purpose of promoting rubber vulcanization and ensuring the safety and lifespan of radial tires.

We develop and produce efficient rubber additives required by the global high-end radial tire industry with high-tech and high starting point, greatly reducing the production costs of global radial tire enterprises and enhancing the international competitiveness of tire products, which is of great significance.We also work with some strategic cooperative partners on rubber additives and other chemicals. Technicians focus on product development & innovation, their rich experience is a strong guarantee for the quality of products. Currently we have a R&D center and a specialist laboratory, continuous technological innovations and efforts have enable us a competitive supplier of rubber accelerators and other chemicals.

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Our manage tenet is defined as "Quality firstly, Credit upper-mostly, benefit Mutually ". We will always provide the lowest price but the newest technology,the most handy transport,the most flexible sales way and the best after-service, which would cooperate with customers to create future business prosperity! Welcome to visit and contact us to negotiate!