The Gba International Exhibition On Rubber Technology 2023

On the current international situation, the continuous spread of the global epidemic and the complex and severe international economic and trade situation, China has taken the lead in successfully controlling the epidemic and promoting economic recovery and development. China has the most complete and large-scale industrial system in the world, and also has strong production capacity and complete supporting capabilities. The epidemic further accelerates the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, and will undoubtedly further activate new channels for trade and cooperation. To further assist in the recovery and development of the economy and trade, the 2023 Greater Bay Area International Rubber Technology Exhibition was held in Foshan from May 18 to May 20, 2023.


Since 1998, China International Rubber Technology Exhibition has gone through many years of exhibition process and has become a platform for brand promotion and trade promotion among enterprises in the industry, a channel for information communication and new technology exchange, and a wind vane and promoter for the development of the international rubber industry. With the rapid growth of the international rubber industry, the exhibition has gathered over 700 exhibitors with an exhibition area of 50000 square meters. It is a truly leading large-scale professional exhibition, with exhibitors from nearly 30 countries and regions around the world, integrating rubber machinery and equipment, rubber chemicals, rubber raw materials, tire and non tire rubber products, and rubber recycling, It is an annual event that operators of various links in the rubber industry cannot miss.

The exhibition covers rubber machinery (complete sets of equipment, single machines, molds, and technologies for rubber product manufacturing and testing), rubber chemicals (various rubber additives, carbon black, white carbon black, other fillers, etc.), rubber and skeleton materials (natural rubber, synthetic rubber, skeleton materials, polyurethane, fluorosilicone organic materials, recycled rubber and rubber powder, mixed rubber and semi-finished products, thermoplastic elastomers, etc.) Tire and non tire rubber products (tires, new energy vehicles and engineering rubber products, air conditioning and home appliance rubber products, footwear, rubber hose and belt products, other fluororubber and silicone rubber products, etc.), rubber recycling (waste tire crushing and crushing equipment, recycled rubber and its preparation equipment, tire refurbishment and thermal cracking equipment, experimental testing equipment, and rubber additives, etc.).

Post time: Jul-02-2023